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cillianicons's Journal

Cillian Murphy Icons
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to the Cillian Murphy Icon Journal. This journal is for the posting of icons that relate to the tooawesome!actor, Cillian Murphy (well no duh!)

What's an icon community without a set of rules!
001. Please only post icons that concern Cillian and/or characters that he has portrayed. However wonderful your other icons are, I'm sure you can find a more appropriate community to post them in.
002. Please post only icons or icon-related topics in this community. As much as we'd all like to know what kind of milk Cillian prefers, this just isn't the right community for dispersing such information. Pimping your Cillian community, however, is acceptable.
002½. Colorbars are allowed, as long as they are Cillian-related.
003. If posting more than four icons, kindly put them behind a Livejournal cut. Learn how to make LJ cuts here.
004. Please post your and only your icons that you personally have made. We don't care if someone has given you permission to post their icons or their life hangs in the balance and it all depends if you post their Dr. Crane icon here. We automatically assume if you post the icons, you made them.
005. And finally, have fun! (the most cliché rule there is!)

This community was created and is maintained by algebrasaurus and satine405. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, call our tollfree hotline, feel free to contact us!

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